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By Dr. Mark Hancock, MD MPH
Humanizing Medicine, Atlanta Georgia

Hopefully, with the insight from this article, some of you will see potential applications in your practice to apply these remedies. See the Vademacum of Anthroposophic Remedies and Pharmacy Remedy Guides (PRG) for more information. Many of these remedies are available at multiple anthroposophic pharmacies and manufacturers. For your convenience, listed known sources have been provided when possible. Remedy Ampules are only available at Uriel.

Apis Bryonia Ampules:

Apis (honeybee) is a well know remedy in anthroposophic medicine. To study the beehive and the activity of the honeybee reveals many subtle imaginations on how we might use this remedy with patients. A general aspect of Apis is that it represents an archetype of the healthy integration of the warmth organization, astral body and etheric body in metabolic realm especially. Thus, it is good for inflammations of many types in general. Bryonia further directs this process to the joints, tendons, and fluid bursae. In the Vademacum, it is suggested for bursitis with specific mention of the shoulder joint. It is recommended to give as often as every day until an acute inflammatory process calms down. Personally, I have used it in acute bursitis, tendonitis and even polymyalgia rheumatica if there are acute inflammatory flares of a joint (s), tendon sheath or bursae. It also works well in prolotherapy. In acute inflammatory flares, injections can be more effective and faster acting then oral delivery. Ampules are only available at Uriel pharmacy.

Argentum Bryophyllum Ampule:

Argentum Bryophyllum is a well know remedy originally from Weleda and Uriel Pharmacy with True Botanica having their own unique versions of this remedy. The uses are broad to support trauma, and most specifically severe weakness of the etheric organism in the lower members of the human being, such as more advanced degenerative disease. You will see doctors use various forms of Bryophyllum during malignant hypertension, advanced CAD, cervical insufficiency in pregnancy, acute asthma, dystonia in infants and even enuresis. Different forms of this remedy are probably best known for treating restlessness and sleep disturbances in both children and adults. We are fortunate to have ampules from Uriel Pharmacy. This form with argentum is likely most helpful for more acute traumatic and emotional situations such as a severe emotional trauma, car accident, anxiety flare or very difficult sleep and restlessness or acute asthma not resolving. Often in these situations you could give 2-3 amps at a time if it is possible. Personally, I have seen good results in this situation. There are also Bryophyllum 5% amps that Dr. Lazare will comment on. If you want the help of the argentum then this remedy as an injectable is very helpful. In my experience (I do use these often), Argentum further assists the healing process when neurosis, severe anxiety, acute panic attacks and the creation of healthy boundaries are needed. Ampules often help to stabilize in an acute situation. Please see the Vademacum of Anthroposophic Medicines for further guidance. These are only available at Uriel Pharmacy.

Argentum Quartz Ampule:

Argentum Quartz is for acute inflammatory processes and the ampules are most helpful during the acute phases of an inflammatory process and on some occasions can lessen the need or duration of antibiotic TX’s or anti-inflammatories. Some examples of use are acute tooth infections, Uveitis, Pyelonephritis, Acute fistula formation, multiple sclerosis flares, acute skin infections, sinusitis, or lymphadenitis, most of which are listed in the Vademacum of Anthroposophic medicines. In my experience this is an important remedy when we don’t want an infection to lead to sepsis or to prevent an acute infection from progressing. It is not intended to replace antibiotics and good judgement is always required. Ampules are only available at Uriel Pharmacy.

Arsenicum album 30x Pellets:

Arsenic always strengthens the astral body. In a 30X potency this remedy speaks to the “I” organization and its healthy relationship to the astral body. The idea of arsenic is sometimes concerning to patients, but this is one of the most helpful substances we have in anthroposophic medicine. There are some anthroposophic doctors that consider arsenic remedies amongst the most useful. Common indications are chronic diarrhea or acute flares, allergic processes such as asthma, pruritis, allergic diathesis, irritable bowel with food allergies and sensitivities. It can also be used when there is acute despair or fear of dying. It is good to familiarize yourself with this substance as it is very important to the palate of an anthroposophic doctor, and it is good to keep it available. Arsenicum Album in different forms is available at Uriel, Weleda, and True Botanica Pharmacies.

Astragalus 3X Ampules:

Astragalus ampules strengthen the “I” organization, especially in relationship to the blood and immune system. It is a great adjunct to mistletoe and other remedies and therapies which strengthen the “I” organization. It is well known in Chinese medicine so it is often overlooked in anthroposophic medicine. I personally have found this ampule helpful in difficult to treat GI cancers. It is also extremely helpful in the early stages of Lyme disease and highly recommended with Reynoutria Lyme liquid and other Lyme based treatments. In the Vademacum of Anthroposophic Medicines it is also suggested for acute infectious processes such as RSV bronchiolitis, Mycoplasma pneumonia and infections where there is a lot of anxiety, and the patient does not have the “I” forces to overcome the infection. It helps to orient the “I” organization in space and time. All ampules are only available at Uriel Pharmacy.

Astragalus Formica Pellets:

This is also a frequently overlooked remedy. Here we combine the immune strengthening and “I” organization support of astragalus with immune weakness during cancer and infection with the support of excretion and intelligence for proper elimination and transformation of decay processes provided by Formica. Formica especially supports the exhausted astral body unable to support the warming, breathing and excretion processes needed for and active salutogenic activity of the etheric body. This remedy is very helpful during antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease, cancer treatment and other acute infections as an adjunctive remedy. Hopefully, this helps everyone to take a new look at this unique remedy as it will likely be discontinued otherwise. This formulation is unique to Uriel Pharmacy.

Scorodite 6X Powder:

Cordite is a natural hydrated iron arsenate. Again, arsenic compounds have a vitalizing activity on Astral Body and helps to bring stagnant processes back into movement. This has been a very effective remedy in my own practice. I have had very good experience using this remedy for patients with depression accompanied by exhaustion and I have used it both in injection and oral forms for decades. Other common indications are exhaustion from over-stress (mothers or caregivers for instance), recovery from acute illness, difficulty awakening with morning fatigue and anxiety, muscle weakness and syndromes with muscle atrophy. See the Vademacum of Anthroposophic Remedies for further indications and suggestions. Different forms of this substance are available at Uriel (the 6X powder being considered for discontinuation), Weleda and True Botanica.

Stibium 0.4% Ointment:

Stibium helps to structure the impulses of the “I” organization in both the etheric and physical processes. It helps with the structuring of protein and formative processes of the skin as a topical ointment. It is particularly helpful with exacerbations of atopic and allergic eczema and itching. It can also be used with mild and chronic allergic reactions on the skin or any hardening or scaling lesions of the skin. Other indications include lichen sclerosis, actinic keratosis, and chronic plantar warts. This remedy is available in different forms through Uriel, Weleda, and True Botanica.

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