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Our Mission

As our mission states, The Anthroposophia Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to support the research and teaching of anthroposophic medicine and provide a resource to medical practitioners to network, collaborate and learn together. The Foundation also introduces clinicians to anthroposophic remedies, pharmaceutical insights, and more advanced training courses.

Memberships for Licensed Practitioners

  • Qualified Licensed Practitioners include MD, DO, PA, NP, ND, DDS, LAc, or DVM.
  • Memberships are Free as we are here to build national awareness of Anthroposophic Medicine.
  • The Membership process is easy, simply go to our Membership tab and complete the Sign Up Form. Please be sure to have a digital copy of your License for submission on the form.
  • Your membership will be approved within 1-2 business days of the completed Membership Request Form.
  • If you have any questions on becoming a member, please email us at or call us at 610-900-4225.

Benefits of The Anthroposophic Foundation & Membership

  • There are many benefits to becoming a Member of The Anthroposophia Foundation…
    • Physician Remedy Guide (PRG) – Developed by Anthroposophic Doctors and published exclusively by The Anthroposophia Foundation, the PRG is broken down by both Indications (Symptoms) or Remedies (Medicine). The PRG also includes Ingredients by Remedy, Form, Strength, and Guidance on Dosing.
    • Events – Access to Foundation Sponsored events for both Members and Patients. Member Practitioners can also host Events (In Person or Virtual) to share insights and help build awareness of Anthroposophic Medicine and their personal Practice.
    • Webinars on Demand – Exclusive, Members Only access to powerful webinars from leading Anthroposophic Practitioners from around the world. Current topics cover Clinical Insights on Anthroposophic Medicine (4 Part Series), Anxiety, Depression & Stress, Sleep, Skin, Digestion & Nutrition and more.
    • Educational Digital Downloads & Bookstore – Published studies on complex Anthroposophic Therapies (Mistletoe Therapy, Integrative and Adjuvant Treatments) in addition to Foundation recommended books for purchase.
    • Practitioner Access to Colleagues – Find fellow Anthroposophic Practitioners to share insights, collaborate, plan co-sponsored events and more.
    • Support the Practice of Anthroposophic Medicine – There are many ways to support the continued education and outreach of Anthroposophic Medicine. Your support may be as simple as donating to the foundation, hosting, or participating in events, leveraging educational resources, getting engaged with fellow practitioners or more! It is up to us as Members to drive continued evolution and value.

We look forward to your membership and engagement!

The Anthroposophia Foundation