Our partners


Our Partners

The Anthroposophia Foundation collaborates with a vast array of non-profit health organizations to spread the word of Anthroposophic medicine and deliver even more resources and care for both physicians and patients.  While the Anthroposophic medicine is a global practice and philosophy of care, we have focused on partner organizations within the United States. Our listed Partners are not exhaustive but should provide more resources to continue education and insights into the ever-growing practice and multiple facets of Anthroposophic medicine. If your organization supports the outreach or education of Anthroposophic medicine and would like to be added to Our Partners List, please reach out via email [email protected] and we will review your request.



Resource Focus

The Anthroposophia Foundation

Yes, that is us! A non-profit organization to support the research and teaching of Anthroposophic medicine, a resource for medical practitioners to network, collaborate and learn together.

Licensed Physicians & Patients

Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM)

A member-supported non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting and developing the practice of Anthroposophic medicine to and for North American medical professionals.

Licensing for Physicians in Anthroposophic Medicine & Patients

Foundation for Health Creation

A non-profit organization working to improve health care and advance public health initiatives through education and outreach directed at creating and sustaining health rather than simply preventing disease.

Physicians & Patients

Believe Big

A non-profit Christian organization to help families fight and overcome cancer so they can live the highest quality of live.

Patients with Cancer

Anthroposophic Health Association

A non-profit association who helps support dissemination of information about Anthroposophic therapeutics to both patients and health professionals.

Health Professionals & Patients

Society of Physicians of Anthroposophic Naturopathy (SPAN)

A non-profit society to bring awareness of Anthroposophic approach and methods to Naturopathic Physicians

Licensing for Anthroposophic Naturopathy & Patients

North American Anthroposophic Nurses Association (NAANA)

A non-profit association to uphold and cultivate Anthroposophic nursing and medical practices through peer support, education, research, and collective collaboration.

Practicing Nurses

Association for Anthroposophic Psychology

A non-profit association focused on “re-membering Psychology through Relational Anthropos-Sophia”.

Licensing for Anthroposophic Psychologists & Patients

Association for Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America

A non-profit association focused on bringing awareness and teaching of Therapeutic Eurythmy, an active therapy which allows one to take part consciously in the process of becoming healthier and more balanced.

Licensing for Therapeutic Eurythmy & Patients

Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America

A non-profit association promoting health and well-being through the practice of Rhythmical Massage Therapy as indicated by Ita Wegman, MD and Margarethe Hauschka, MD.

Massage Therapists & Patients


Both inspirational and practical, LILIPOH is a lifestyles magazine for the growing populace known as ‘culture-creatives,’ folks interested in holistic health, well-being, creativity, spirituality, gardening, education, art, and social health.

Practitioners & Patients

Humanizing Medicine Integrative Care

An integrative care office to be the place patients value and rely on as a true medical home. The body, soul and spirit of the patient are acknowledged as well as their unique life story.





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