PAAM Training

The Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) is a member-supported non-profit organization founded in 1982, with the purpose of promoting and developing the practice of Anthroposophic Medicine to and for North American medical professionals.
PAAM’s focus is on Education, Collaboration and Communication and is “the resource” for…
  • Anthroposophic Medical Training for MDs, Dos, NDs, PAs, Dentists, Pharmacists and Students of these disciplines.
  • Collaboration with academic organizations and institutions to bring forward better education and additional research.
  • Support and sponsorships of doctors and nurses to speak and present research at academic and integrative symposiums.
If you are a medical professional interested in Anthroposophic Training and Certification, PAAM is the place to get started.
The Anthroposophia Foundation is a close collaborator with PAAM and serves as a community resource to provide ancillary training and mentoring opportunities. Above all else, we both mutually share our commitment to an anthroposophical approach to medicine and human health.


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