Mentor Sessions

What is a mentor session?

Mentor sessions are small group, virtual seminars with a dedicated host (and sometimes co-host) to lead a discussion on a certain topic related to mistletoe therapy. Sessions are open to all registered members of the Foundation but cater specifically to beginners in the field.

What topics are mentor sessions on?

Sessions generally revolve around the introduction to the use of mistletoe treatment and therapy, as well as topics regarding general anthroposophic medicine and remedies.

So how does it work?

Sessions take place on Zoom. Each session is set up Q&A style, where the host(s) answer questions prepared by members pertaining to the topic at hand. Members will take turns going around the room asking questions. Questions and responses should be succinct so everyone gets the chance to have their questions answered. Hosts may also choose to share slides on certain topics to illustrate concepts or to make the most of the time if it’s a smaller group or there are less questions. Each session is capped at seven individuals and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.  

How often are mentor sessions scheduled?

Right now we are hosting sessions on a rolling basis, usually one to two times per month, depending on availability. Sessions generally occur at 8:30PM (EDT) on Thursdays but this may differ by session. 

What if I'm having technical difficulties?

Audio/video not working? Not sure how to share your screen? Don’t worry! You’ll never be completely without support on these calls. A member of our support team will be on each call in the background to provide technical support as needed.  

Is there any reimbursement for hosts?

Yes. If you’ve previously hosted a session and are looking to be reimbursed, please fill out the form here 

I'm interested in hosting! What's required of a host/co-host?

Great! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never led a session before, we’re always looking to expand our network of professionals and hear new perspectives on mistletoe application and anthroposophic medicine. If you’re considering hosting a mentor session with us, here are some prerequisites: 

-You must be a licensed practitioner – MD, DO, PA, NP, ND, DDS, LAc or DVM (if your license type isn’t listed, please send an email [email protected]) 

-You must have significant training in anthroposophic medicine and/or in your area of expertise

-You must be a registered member of the Foundation; click here to request a membership.

-A reliable Internet connection  

If you believe you meet the requirements outlined, please submit a request below via the Contact button, including name, email and brief summary of your experience and desired subject, and someone will be in touch soon.

Not quite ready to host but ready to attend and learn? Take a look at our upcoming mentor sessions and book one here. 


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